Renewable Energies


Design & Project

We develop technical projects for installations powered by renewable energy sources: solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, hydraulic, biomass and aerothermal


We carry out studies to analyze the profitability and impact of new facilities from the point of view of their energy performance and economic viability

Public subsidies

We advise and support our clients in the administrative processing of public subsidies to implement renewable energies in their facilities and throughout the territory

Green architecture

We have a team of architects specialized in the design of the most efficient and sustainable construction solutions. We draw up Energy Efficiency Certificates (EEC) both in the design phase and at the end of the work

Billing control

We review your consumption bills (electricity, gas and water), monitor energy consumption and propose energy and economic savings improvements

Energy Audit

We have qualified technicians for the preparation of energy audits of all types of buildings that allow to obtain a picture of the energy behavior, identifying the potential for improvement and defining investments


Executive Project of a climatization system based on Aerothermal technology for a residential house

Design of a solar thermal energy system in a detached house in Barcelona

Design of a 3.6 kW solar photovoltaic installation in Caldes d'Estrac

Study for the transformation of an energy self-sustaining farmhouse in Sant Martí de Tous