We carry out partial and complete studies in the fields of mobility and civil works.


External advice to public and private clients. Multidisciplinary and decisive staff.

Technical office

Engineer team focused on optimization and resolution of all types of problems during the execution phase.


We offer external advice through solid studies. Thanks to Most Enginyers's multidisciplinary team, we achieve customer's goals and establish corrective measures. Some examples are

- Mobility and transportation studies.
- Flooding studies.
- Energy efficiency studies.
- Non-affectation studies to infrastructures, also to railway infrastructures for ADIF, DGIM, RENFE, TMB...
- Road safety audits.
- Environmental techniques.

Traffic study in Barcelona

Non-affectation study for railway infrastructures

Loading capacity tests and admissible stress


We carry out both partial and complete projects, according to customer's needs. Focused on the field of civil engineering and mobility. Some examples are:

- Urbanization projects.
- Signage projects.
- Installation projects

Complete WWTP project

Floodable walkway project

Partial structures project, Begur 

Technical office

Most Enginyers' department focused on troubleshooting in execution phase. We also optimize project designs based on safety, sustainability and efficiency. We perform and justify:

- Project modifications.
- Technical notes.
- Site management assistance.

Walkway modification

Technical assistance on construction of an urban tunnel

Catch basin modification