Winners of the IDEA StatiCA Excellence Award

IDEA StatiCA Excellence Awards 2023 The Structures team of MOST Enginyers, led by Antonio Lara Silva, has received from IDEA StatiCA the winning prize in the Large Scale Steel Projects category for the Vertical Forest Project at the CaixaForum in Barcelona. IDEA StatICA is the leading software in the world for the design of steel joints and connections, finite element […]

Pont del Riu Sec​

Pont del Riu Sec El dia 08/07/2022 es va instal·lar en obra el tauler metàl·lic que conforma l’estructura portant projectada de la passera contigua al pont existent de formigó pretessat sobre el Riu Sec, dintre del context de les obres de la Connexió ciclable i per a vianants entre Badia del Vallès i la UAB. Es tracta d’una obra promoguda […]

CaixaForum vertical forest installation

Barcelona Engineering firm Most Enginyers combines artistic urban gardening with creative engineering solutions. The demolishment of the La Pèrgola restaurant in Montjüic has left a wall littered with over 10 years of graffiti and trash. In celebration of its 20th anniversary since opening in Barcelona, CaixaForum will be funding a man-made natural installation to cover this wall. Next to FIRA2000’s […]

Completion of the expansion works of the Highlands School

Previous Next Completion of the expansion works in Highlands School The works to extend the Highlands School in Esplugues de Llobregat, corresponding to Phase 3, have been completed after the execution of the executive project and the construction management by the multidisciplinary team of Most Enginyers. Details Date 03/11/2021 Location Esplugues de Llobregat

Construction Management in Begur

Anterior Següent Construction Management in Begur The works of 22 homes in Begur are facing the final stretch, work is being done at full speed in order to complete the first two blocks before the works stop during the summer months in the municipality of Begur. Most Engineers has carried out the executive project of completion and repair of these […]

Expansion work on Highlands School begins

Previous Next Expansion work on Highlands School begins After the execution of the project, Most Engineers directs the ampliation works of Highlands School in Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona, corresponding to Phase 3. The multidisciplinary team of Most Engineers has carried out the complete project of expansion, and therefore also of structures and facilities as it did with the works of […]

Hotel Les Chalets de l’Isard, Les Angles

Previous Next Structural project of an Hotel in Les Angles The structural department of MOST enginyers has designed the structural project on the hotel Les Chalets de l’Isard in Les Angles. The project includes the calculation of the foundation, roofs and substructure that supports the solar panels. Details Date 06/2012 Emplacement Les Angles Activity Structural project

Le Campus de Sophia, Antibes

Previous Next Structural Project of 255 apartments The structural department of MOST Enginyers has realized the structural project of 255 apartments in Le Campus de Sophia, Antibes, França. The structure is composed principally of reinforced concrete. Details Date 03/2012 Emplacement Antibes Activity Structural Project  

Renovation project, l’Estanyot

Précédent Suivant Renovation project in l’Estanyot The department specialized in structures of MOST Enginyers has planned the renovation project of the vacational city L’Estanyot in Port-Barcarès. This project includes the structural calculation of the lots 1-8 and the swimming pools. Details Date 06/2013 Emplacement Port-Bacarès Activity Projecte d’estructures