Barcelona Engineering firm Most Enginyers combines artistic urban gardening with creative engineering solutions.

The demolishment of the La Pèrgola restaurant in Montjüic has left a wall littered with over 10 years of graffiti and trash. In celebration of its 20th anniversary since opening in Barcelona, CaixaForum will be funding a man-made natural installation to cover this wall. Next to FIRA2000’s Fira Monjüic congress hall will be a vertical forest supporting more than 4 tons of worth of trees - without damaging the old historical structure.

Of the 22 thousand plants, including 15 large trees that will be used, all were chosen from a variety of high honey-yielding non-invasive Mediterranean plant species in order to support the dwindling bee population in this Catalonian metropolis. Because of the structure’s unorthodox shape and intended use, the Barcelona engineering firm Most Enginyers will be assisting with the design and installation of the structure, including a self-watering system powered by collected rainfall, dynamic lighting for the aesthetic, and the structural integrity.


Date 20/05/2022

Location CaixaForum Barcelona