alex eng

Alex Romans Fuertes CFGS in Development and Project Application (IES Escola del Treball 2011). Technical Architect, Building Engineer (UPC 2015), Prof. Assoc. nº14516. Post Graduated, BIM Manager, 2020

alexandra eng

Alexandra Canel Casademont Technical Architect, Building Engineer (UPC 2013), Prof. Assoc. nº13769. Postgraduate in Systems of Qualification and Energy Certification in Buildings: European Standards and LEED Certification (UPC 2014). Master’s degree in the Rehabilitation of Buildings (CAATEEB 2015).

fede en

Federic Juanola Journé Senior Technician in Development of Urban Projects and Topographic Operations (IES Provençana 2000). Chartered Civil Engineer (UPC 2012), SpICE nº50194C. Master in Civil Infrastructure Operations and Management (UPC 2017).Training as a Safety and Health Coordinator in construction (SEAS 2020)